Nansulate thermal insulation and corrosion protection Nansulate thermal insulation and corrosion protection
The ultimate insulation, corrosion, mold, and lead solution The ultimate insulation, corrosion, mold, and lead solution Industrial Nanotech Nanotechnology products Industrial Nanotech Nanotechnology products
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What Our Customers Say:

"FYI I am in the end stages of building a 4000 sq ft house which is why I stumbled on the nanotech in the first place. When I saw the possibilities, I knew if it really worked it would revolutionize the insulation industry; and I was waiting for the real test and that was the first heating bill for the coldest month of the year, and it was $43.00. I am heating this house with one 5ton heat pump unit. Something the heat and air people told me I could not do. I was ecstatic when I saw that bill. I can now really believe in it, because I know it works."

Best Regards,
Rosemarie Patterson
Selig, MO

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Insulation Coatings - that Save You Money on Your Monthly Fuel Bills

Nansulate® HomeProtect
Thermal Insulation & Mold Resistant Coatings

Available in Clear Coat (matte) or White (semi-gloss)

Increase energy efficiency for your home or building

Nansulate HomeProtect Insulation and Mold Resistant Coatings

Effective and affordable insulation for every room in your home. Nansulate® is applied like a paint, but is much more. It is a nanotechnology based coating which provides long-term insulation and mold resistance for your home.

arrowCustomers typically report 20%-30% energy savings

arrow Use on solid block walls to insulate

arrow Easy Application with brush, roller or paint sprayer.

arrow Non-toxic, water-based & earth friendly

arrow Improves air quality by protecting against mold and moisture




Use for wall insulation, attic insulation, loft insulation, hot water heater insulation, and for many other areas of your home or building.

Start saving money now - One Room At A Time


Nansulate HomeProtect Clear Coat Insulation CoatingNansulate® HomeProtect ClearCoat is a clear insulation and mold resistant coating which can be applied to a variety of exterior and interior surfaces. HomeProtect is non-toxic and does not containt any potentially harmful anti-fungal agents.

£78.00 / 1-gallon pail, plus VAT






Easily applied over
pre-painted surfaces
Use on wood, stucco,
drywall and more
Add an invisible thermal
barrier to any home
Easily applied over prepainted surfaces
Use on wood, stucco, drywall and more
Add an invisible thermal barrier to any home

6 Reasons to Consider Nansulate® for Energy Conservation at Home

  1. Reduce Utility Bills - spend less each month on your energy bill
  2. Versatile Alternative Insulation - Nansulate acts by inhibiting all three forms of heat transfer. It works well alone and with other types of insulation.
  3. Non-toxic, and safe for use in your home, low VOC
  4. Clear Coat allows an invisible layer of enery saving protection over wood, drywall, pre-painted walls, cement, brick, and more
  5. Long-term consistent protection - does not get infiltrated by moisture, dust, mold
  6. Make your home safer - Nansulate also protects against surface growth of mold


Best Places for Home InsulationHow can Nansulate® HomeProtect help?

Nansulate® HomeProtect is easy to apply yourself and can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on in a variety of places. It can also be painted over with a color paint. Nansulate® will help to provide a thermal insulation barrier - a radiant barrier, as well as barrier the other forms of heat transfer (keeping heat in or out - depending on the season); and will also help with moisture control (controlling moisture passing through insulation and collecting in your home's structure).

Nansulate® HomeProtect offers mold resistance in a safe, non-toxic, water-based coating, and provides protection against heat transfer, while also offering you a cost effective, do it yourself means of increasing your home's energy efficiency to give you lower fuel bills.



energy efficient house

"I live in a 2-bedroomed bungalow with solid walls. In June 07' I painted the internal outside walls with Nansulate and also the immersion tank and pipes.

Prior to painting, our heating costs were quite high compared to what they are now. In fact, since applying the Nansulate I have been able to lower the thermostat from 5.5/6 to 3, basically halving the temperature. The bungalow is definitely warmer.

I would certainly recommend Nansulate to anyone who wants to reduce their heating costs. In fact, my sister and her two sons, have now Nansulated their homes.

Wishing you all the best with your agency for Nansulate."

Yours sincerely,
Daniel O'Beirne
Canvey Island, England



Nansulate reduces thermal flow by 34.8 percent

Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Performance of Building Assemblies
(UNI EN ISO 8990:1999 - similar to ASTM C236)

Thermal flow, measured in watts, through the wall section coated with Nansulate® was reduced by 34.80%

Thermal resistance (1/U), measured in m2*k*w1, of the wall section coated with Nansulate® was increased by 28.98%


Customer Examples

(Customer in Tulsa Oklahoma)

Reduced Energy Use with Nansulate HomeProtect Coatings

Average Energy Savings - 46%



Heating Oil Cost Reduced 41 percent


Nansulate Drops Attic Temperature 42 degrees
in the following example:

Nansulate Insulation Coating Reduces Attic Temperatures




  • Outstanding insulation properties for a thin film coating
  • Does not contain any potentially harmful anti-microbial additives or biocides
  • Resistant to existing molds as well as resistant to new molds
  • Easy Application with brush, roller or paint sprayer.
  • Non-hazardous, water-based
  • Color: Translucent finish (ClearCoat)
  • It exhibits outstanding durability with excellent adhesion to fiberglass, pvc, wood, concrete, plastic, and many more substrates.


  • Energy Savings - a cost effective way to save money on your energy & fuel bills.
  • Resists Mold and Moisture
  • Space Saving – each coat is applied at 100 microns
  • Easy Cleanup – soap and water
  • Green Building Product - low VOC paint
  • Low Installation Cost
  • DIY– easily applied by maintenance crews or individuals.
  • Equally suited for Commercial and Home Insulation Use.

How Clear Is It?

(Below are two photos of a tissue box, with the right side coated with 3 coats of our HomeProtect Clear Coat. Click small images for larger versions.)

HomeProtect Clear Coat box - low light HomeProtect Clear Coat box - direct light


Nansulate® is Patented technology protected by U.S. and international Patents.

Weltex is an authorized Distributor for Nansulate® Coatings.

Official Nansulate Distributor

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